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New Year and Ageing

About Vaughan Aesthetics Posted on Sat, January 26, 2019 15:53:54

Hi and happy new year to you all. I am going to try and do more regular blogs to keep you up to date. If your on social media Facebook and or Instagram then they also have frequent posts.
Let’s talk about age and ageing no matter what your age currently is reading this. What are your thoughts, beliefs and feelings about it?
So I do not do numbers. This includes my age or weight as neither are important to me, they create negative feelings and there is more important things to think about. I was collecting my prescription and there was my age printed in numbers at the top. I felt detached looking at it, thinking is that me? Am I that age? I don’t feel it. I don’t feel I look it or dress like it. How did I get to this age and so quickly? Being in my 20’s and more so my 30’s only feels so recent. When I am asked my age I say I do not do numbers. Neither do I weigh myself. These two things bring negative thoughts for me. I would much rather go with how an outfit feels on me, doing a nice make up look and getting skin treatments to enhance and preserve what I have that make me feel more confident and feel like I am walking taller.
I like natural, subtle results. I do not want or need to look like I am twenty again. I cannot even believe I feel like that as when I was twenty the thought of hitting thirty filled me with sheer dread!!!

Spring 2018

About Vaughan Aesthetics Posted on Sat, February 17, 2018 15:28:20

Hi. Can you believe it is almost March already? I love this time of year as it is getting lighter for longer and most importantly some much needed sunshine.
So as always I am keeping busy. I have successfully completed my training in treating the tear troughs. So if you feel like you look permanently tired under your eyes with them looking dark or hollow I can help you improve this area.I have had this treatment previously and need it doing again. It is great and really effective. I’m just sorting my post treatment photos and I will ask my website guy to put them on my website when I have them and he is back from his holidays.
Then the other area I have been doing some work on is special events such as weddings and packages.
I have put together some annual packages as a way of thanking loyal and returning clients.
Also, if your going to be a bride or groom to be, mother of the bride, bridesmaid or guest I have put together some fantastic wedding packages to treat the skin problems that bother you, so I can help you feel more skin confident for the special day.
To coincide with these and the wedding article I jave written in the current issue of Living North magazine my next skin pamper evening is going to be for weddings.
I will keep you posted on details for this soon.
Until my website guy is back from holiday and can put my packages on, please contact me if your interested and I will send you a copy.

New Year

About Vaughan Aesthetics Posted on Mon, January 08, 2018 14:25:59

Hello and wishing you all the best for this New Year.
Vaughan Aesthetics finished the end of last year and has started this New Year on a positive stance.
I have attended various training and updates since August and my clients are benefiting from new treatments and techniques to treat areas of the face.
As a thank you to my full paying clients of last year they received a small Christmas present by way of showing my appreciation for their custom and loyalty.
I offer a great loyalty programme to reward and show my appreciation for their loyalty and being “Vaughanistas ”
I have had my first magazine article published in the “Living North”. So if you subscribe to it or see it take a look at my article about the fabulous Fire and Ice Resurfacing facial in the health and beauty section.
I have some great New Year offers to help you commence your journey to improved skin. See these on the bottom of the home page and social media.
New for this year is the opportunity to opt into an annual package you can receive FREE treatments any time of the year. Details will be on my new, improved and redesigned website in the next week or two

First ever blog

About Vaughan Aesthetics Posted on Wed, November 08, 2017 20:30:29

Hi there. So this is my first ever blog. I thought I would tell you about the learning and training I have been doing these last few months. Some of it is new, with the introduction of new products and treatments, others are updates and expanding on knowledge and skills of treatments I already provide.
Are you fed up of dull looking skin? Do you get fed up of that fine, fuzzy facial hair, especially when your applying your make up?
Then you need to book a consultation to discuss DERMAPLANING.
It’s an effective manual skin exfoliation treatment, removing dead skin cells, reducing lines and wrinkles, removal of fine, fuzzy facial hair, better absorption of skincare products and a better application and finish for make up/foundation.
This treatment has only been available since September at Vaughan Aesthetics and has already been a hit.
It’s budget/purse friendly price, instant results make it a great must have to get your skin festive and party ready.
I’ve also been doing training and learning in more skin care products and peels and dermal fillers, but more about that another time.
I am just in the process of re-writing my pages on my website, so dermaplaning will be added very soon.
If you have access to social media, you can find images and information on my Facebook business page Vaughan Aesthetics or Instagram Nicola Vaughan

Welcome to Vaughan Aesthetics

About Vaughan Aesthetics Posted on Mon, April 11, 2016 10:22:18

I am a fully qualified Aesthetic Practitioner and Director, trained by the country’s leading aesthetic trainers for Healthcare Professionals; Medics Direct. A registered nurse with 14 years Critical Care experience, 4 years of which was as a Sister, I am now currently working in Primary Care and running my own business.

Based in Redcar, I provide a range of injectable and skin treatments. These include wrinkle relaxing treatments (including Botox ®), dermal fillers, including lips and cheeks. Skin treatments available are different strength skin/chemical peels and skin/micro needling. I am the first practitioner in Redcar to introduce The Perfect Peel ™, from Hollywood, favoured by celebrities. I also offer tailor made skincare packages/treatments for different types of skin and problematic skin.

I am fully Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) registered and insured. I have a BsC Honours First class degree obtained at Teesside University. I am a member of the Private Independent Aesthetic Practices Association (PIAPA) as I am dedicated to continuing my development, updating and improving my knowledge and skills to be able to provide high quality treatments. This is achieved through attending seminars, meetings and training days held by product companies and high quality training providers. My prices reflect the skills and attention I deliver and the continuous training I do to offer the best results possible. You can view copies of my qualifications here.

I offer a confidential, relaxed and friendly service. I have high standards of care and endeavour to make treatments as safe as possible.

There are a wide variety of treatments available to look after your skin and promote a youthful, fresher look depending on your skin type, age and lifestyle. All treatments at Vaughan Aesthetics can be used as a single stand-alone treatment or as a combination.