Hi there. So this is my first ever blog. I thought I would tell you about the learning and training I have been doing these last few months. Some of it is new, with the introduction of new products and treatments, others are updates and expanding on knowledge and skills of treatments I already provide.
Are you fed up of dull looking skin? Do you get fed up of that fine, fuzzy facial hair, especially when your applying your make up?
Then you need to book a consultation to discuss DERMAPLANING.
It’s an effective manual skin exfoliation treatment, removing dead skin cells, reducing lines and wrinkles, removal of fine, fuzzy facial hair, better absorption of skincare products and a better application and finish for make up/foundation.
This treatment has only been available since September at Vaughan Aesthetics and has already been a hit.
It’s budget/purse friendly price, instant results make it a great must have to get your skin festive and party ready.
I’ve also been doing training and learning in more skin care products and peels and dermal fillers, but more about that another time.
I am just in the process of re-writing my pages on my website, so dermaplaning will be added very soon.
If you have access to social media, you can find images and information on my Facebook business page Vaughan Aesthetics or Instagram Nicola Vaughan