Hi and happy new year to you all. I am going to try and do more regular blogs to keep you up to date. If your on social media Facebook and or Instagram then they also have frequent posts.
Let’s talk about age and ageing no matter what your age currently is reading this. What are your thoughts, beliefs and feelings about it?
So I do not do numbers. This includes my age or weight as neither are important to me, they create negative feelings and there is more important things to think about. I was collecting my prescription and there was my age printed in numbers at the top. I felt detached looking at it, thinking is that me? Am I that age? I don’t feel it. I don’t feel I look it or dress like it. How did I get to this age and so quickly? Being in my 20’s and more so my 30’s only feels so recent. When I am asked my age I say I do not do numbers. Neither do I weigh myself. These two things bring negative thoughts for me. I would much rather go with how an outfit feels on me, doing a nice make up look and getting skin treatments to enhance and preserve what I have that make me feel more confident and feel like I am walking taller.
I like natural, subtle results. I do not want or need to look like I am twenty again. I cannot even believe I feel like that as when I was twenty the thought of hitting thirty filled me with sheer dread!!!